Kyra as Mileena

Kyra as Mileena

Ok, so let’s post a few from my fav. pics from the last few days to make this weekend shine:) First of all here is Mileena cosplayed by one of my fav. models Kyra!

The Girls of Borderlands

A very nice cosplay request has been made at everyone’s favourite girl characters from the Borderlands series – they going nasty!

Borderlands siren cosplay

Girls of Borderlands

The always funny (and big-mouth) Lilith meets the new and secretive siren, Maya! “I love my powers haha”! Man, I just love Borderlands, especially BL2 – not just because the girls (however Gaige is a big favourite of mine) but the game and the loot, and of course the coo-op! Anyways, let’s see Anne and Angela cosplaying the badass sirens! Ok, enough from the chitchat, let’s see the sexy images:)

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More nude versions can be seen here, at the unofficial CosplayErotica blog :) I mean the other (and older) unofficial CE blog, lol (yes, there is more, but mine is the coolest:)

Welcome our newest model: Brownie (with a Voca set:)

A chocolate brownie is a flat, baked square or bar developed in the United States at the end of the 19th century and popularized in both the U.S. and Canada during the first half of the 20th century.


Our “sporty” girl, “Brownie” got her nickname from the staff – she is just like the cake: brown, sweet, and everybody wants a bite from her:) Brownie is a long time cosplayer, she cosplayed her first character in her childhood (she was really cute as a miniature super-woman, that’s sure). Later she become addicted to costumes and tight clothes… Her first set on is a nice Megurine Luka (Vocaloid) cosplay.


I just love this costume (sadly, I never cosplayed it, as my body-type is not a good fit for Vocaloid girls) – also I love the name (geek alert! Japanese lesson comes:) Meguri (circulate or around) and Ne (sound), while the name Luka invokes the homonymous Japanese words of “nagare” (flow) and “ka” (song or scent); thus making “songs to all around the world as scent spreads” Anyways, welcome in the team of CosplayErotica-girls Brownie-hon!:) And now, time for a more adult-themed image from the series, lol!


May again by ~cosplayerotica requested by Doubledealer93

Yay, I’ am excited – one of my all time fav. characters finally live on Yes, it’s a One Piece char, and yes Boa Hancock (yay! Love her!). This time Zorah cosplaying her instead of me (sob, sob), because she is a better choice for this character, however I will totally borrow the clothes for myself aswell (wink). O well, enough chitchat, let me post some more nice pics – enjoy!

Wassup guys, todays image is: Stephanie cosplay – cuteness level reached the max:) Clothes by Tonja, CGI by Hen, photo by VH as usual. Model: Stacy, I think she was a perfect choice for the Lazytown cosplay:) 

till next time, yours: Mea

I just love our Portal set. I’am a big fan of the game, and Chell (and GladOS haha), so I was a joy to assist Tonja when she made the clothes. Also one of our newest models – Anne, was a perfect choice for this role I think. 


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