Deadspace Ellie cosplay – hot engineer!

Another member request has been made – although she is a bit messy (hey, she’s a working girl on a space-station ffs!), everybody loves this cute engineer! Especially because… she can shoot things with her tools, she has a dirty mouth, and best of all: she is sexy!

Cammy versus Chun Li – erotic fight as it’s best

Lana and Nayma, two of my favorite girls, dressed up as two of my favorite fighter-characters…

I am a big Cammy fan, so this week’s series is an instant fav. of mine:) 

Incredible Uncharted Chloe Frazer cosplay

Mea just posted some 

Angela as the horny version of Baroness

A very good member request has been made: Angela in skin-tight black leather, big weapons, and a dark, hidden secret base…

Lana as Miku – Vocaloid nasty version v3.0


Some nice behind the scenes pic with Angela

If you are just like me, and do you like Angela, the lil’silly cosplayer:) well.. Mea just posted some funny images here with her, from a Baroness shooting (I think it’s Baroness) Enjoy!

Clicky click here, clickety for pix!

Shiny, blue and tight!

A nice member request has been made: everybody loves plugsuits, so as Mea Lee! She was very happy to fulfill this request: sexy, shiny, tight, and futuristic: what else we can wish for?:)

Melane – shiny, black and masked

Yummie yummie, I think Mea’s lil’ sister is really cute… let’s go commando!

Gogo "doll" request

Quote from Mea’s blog: 

“We have a lot of special requests beside the usual cosplays: foot fetish, special poses, very rare characters (Buki from Sudeki anyone?:) just to name a few – the latest interesting request was this one: we were asked to make Gogo look like a doll:)  “

I like Gogo (shes one of my favs, I did request her a Matrix series yay:) so You can guess how excited I was when realised: she is today’s update:) Man, I’d like a doll like her at home WTB Gogo lol

Borderlands cosplay – Lilith is a hot siren, we already knew that:)

Me very satisfied with the new model at Me thinks she’s very fappable. Me likes Bordelands. Me happy – can’t talk proper english anymore, I’m in love with Tina (I’ll probably request something for her, as soon as I figured out some really hot costume/char)

More images in this gallery!!!! 


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