Gogo as a Wonder(ful) woman

“Gogo is a wonderful woman, that’s not a question. One of our members asked her for this costume – very nice request, nice model-selection! Nasty-CE-version of hero, with erotic super-powers!” Ok this was the lead from the official CE site, my addition is short: WOOOOOOO (okay, I am a Gogo fan, so what did ya except?:)
Btw, I am not too fond ’bout superheroine costumes (except Catwomen, but hey! That’s diff, every straight man would like to shag Catwoman:), but I think this Wonder-ish-woman CE-version is a good one, even with green suit. (I have don’t have a clue why the hell they did it in green instewad of blue lulz)


Let’s prepare for the Witcher cosplay (pic)

Ok, so I just got a really cool Witcher cosplay pic from Mea (with Tina as Triss- I love Tina, she was so cool in the Borderlands cosplay). Sadly, no info about when the set coming, so let’s hope it’ll be soon (btw I did preordered Witcher 2, no surprise, eh?:)

About this week’ series: well, here’s the cover, I think you have the idea now: Mea+Nayma, hot costumes, epicness!

I can’t resist to post my all time fav. image from this series – I always loved how Mea and Nayma can have fun with the prosp… just look!
Full preview of the series will be available on Mea’s blog soon – hopefully, when she will update again (lazy lazy Mea:-)

Kitana hotness

Some1 asked me why I did not posted the Princess Kitana series last week – well, I was on hoooooollydaaay, also Mea posted only 2 pics from it (cover, and a hot pose – you can check them here), so not much to repost really..


Deadspace Ellie cosplay – hot engineer!

Another member request has been made – although she is a bit messy (hey, she’s a working girl on a space-station ffs!), everybody loves this cute engineer! Especially because… she can shoot things with her tools, she has a dirty mouth, and best of all: she is sexy!

Cammy versus Chun Li – erotic fight as it’s best

Lana and Nayma, two of my favorite girls, dressed up as two of my favorite fighter-characters…

I am a big Cammy fan, so this week’s series is an instant fav. of mine:)¬†

Incredible Uncharted Chloe Frazer cosplay

Mea just posted some 

Angela as the horny version of Baroness

A very good member request has been made: Angela in skin-tight black leather, big weapons, and a dark, hidden secret base…

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